Friday, November 24, 2006


A moment of panic as I wonder what being 'tagged' is, until I de-geek and realise we're playing the playground game and I'm "it".. So on with the game

Ten things I would never do:

1. Let an uninvited official over the threshold of my property
2. Stop standing up for the rights of smokers (especially having recently stopped myself)
3. Allow membership of any organisation/party to suppress my ability to criticise it
4. Buy a horse
5. Pray
6. Give a rat's arse about so-called global warming/cooling/ooh isn't it chilly out
7. Breed
8. Live in a climate without seasons (or California)
9. Let the pursuit of money exclude the appreciation of things that can't be bought
10. Be depressed again

How far back do you have to go to make sure you're not back-tracking? Fuck it - I tag Theo Spark

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