Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shuffling deckchairs

The Tories are trying to pull the wool over our eyes with their document of drivel about immigration. The points they are making (and they repeat these a couple of times in case you missed them the first time) are:

• Asylum policy should be separated from policy on economic migration
• Britain benefits economically from immigration, but not all or any immigration

I'm OK with the first one. I am so tired of trying to discuss economic immigration and being countered with points about asylum.

Actually the second one is sound too. Not rocket surgery, but true.

Where the Tories are being arseholes is that they are trying to pretend that the policies that they are proposing do anything to benefit the economy and the reason for this is that they refuse to make clear that we are not allowed by the EU to restrict immigration from other EU countries. Given that there is (of course) a limit on the total number of people that we are capable of absorbing, and we don't know how many EU citizens will turn up, we will be forced to prevent some non-EU citizens from entering the country - without assessing whether they would have been of more benefit to us than the EU dross we are forced to take.

It's a fiasco and the only way out is to leave the EU. Duh!

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Shotgun said...

I read the first two and from your tone readied myself for a bit of to and fro, because I think both are pretty sound.

I disagree about the EU though: the Geremans and French, amongst others, found ways to circumvent the EU dictats, but we won't because ethnic minorities tend to vote Labour, so Bliar will have as many as he can squeeze in.

As to the Tories...well I think in many ways they're total arseholes and are winding up to fuck up on a New labour scale, even though there's little left to fuck up that hasn't been fucked up already, but I suppse they can try some lateral fucking up or creat a quango that is to concentrate on fucking up, or maybe Dave will announce to the whole civil service that he needs some eye catching fuck ups...whatever the fuck, I think I am waiting to see how their rhetoric and policy develops with a new Labour leader and in the run up to the next election, if they don't fuck up menatime of course.

Excuse the typos but I'm in a Balvenie fuck ups mood.