Monday, November 27, 2006

Yes Massa Minister

Another ghastly exchange on the Today programme this morning.. Some shrill, ignorant, money-grabbing, harpy was bleating on about reparations for Africa and how she wants me (via my government) to pay money (to who?) in some sort of apology for the slave trade. It was not the re-hashing of this ludicrous nonsense...

In Africa, the 2nd self appointed World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission was convened in Ghana in 2000. Its deliberations concluded with a Petition being served in the International Court at the Hague for US$777 trillion (more than ten times the annual world GDP, equivalent to about 250 years' worth of the current U.S. federal budget) against the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom for "unlawful removal and destruction of Petitioners' mineral and human resources from the African continent" between 1503 up to the end of the colonialism era in the late 1950s and 1960s.

..that really annoyed me but the contribution from David Lammy, the Minister dragged out to comment. It was his spineless, pathetic, careful and considered, toe-the-party-line, limp dick response that just makes me despair of politicians in this country. They are so lobotomised by the desperate need not to 'offend' anyone that they are incapable of saying something like "Do you realise how daft it is to suggest that the poor bloody taxpayers in 2006 should hand over their money to you and your fellow crooks for something done by people long long dead. I for one am glad that we won't be doing anything of the sort and will do everything in my power as a minister to prevent this idiocy - so you can just forget it!"

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Anonymous said...

We should have a PM with a bit of gumption and not a yellow backed cowardly cunt...he should say fuck off and see you in court twat.