Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh Great!


Make no mistake, this is going to be catastrophic. Already a couple have written to the BBC saying that their account had been emptied of £2800 by someone pretending to be the wife of the household and using child benefit information to convince the bank. Both the customer and the bank were at a loss as to how anyone else could be in possession of this information. There is no doubt that the government have been negligent as the Badger has effectively admitted this today in The Commons and the floodgates will open for claims. The chances of sifting the real from the fraudulent claims are remote and this is going to cost all of us a great deal of money (on top of bailing out Northern Crock).
If the data has made it's way to the criminal element, the real damage will be done by the issuing of ID documentation such as driving licences, passports and the opening of bank accounts by the invisible immigrants. Pandora's box has been opened and as the legend goes, the only thing that didn't get out was Hope!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A patent up for grabs?

Sometimes you almost don't notice... you sort of shrug with resignation at the announcement of another 'ban', but today I did a double-take at the radio.. The Flawed One in Downing Street has said that he wishes to ban "plastic carrier bags which are not re-usable".
You see, you almost let it go and then you hear it again...
Not "Recyclable" but "Re-usable". So the 'great' initiative will not actually prevent the production or use of a single carrier bag, as I don't believe anyone has actually designed one that isn't 're-usable'. You open the bag, put things in it, take them home and then take the things out of it and hey presto - the bag can now be re-used.
Why don't the idiots on BBC News add the words "not re-usable - whatever the fuck that means" to their reports instead of regurgitating the crap they are fed by this pointless administration.
Fuckers all.