Monday, November 19, 2007

A patent up for grabs?

Sometimes you almost don't notice... you sort of shrug with resignation at the announcement of another 'ban', but today I did a double-take at the radio.. The Flawed One in Downing Street has said that he wishes to ban "plastic carrier bags which are not re-usable".
You see, you almost let it go and then you hear it again...
Not "Recyclable" but "Re-usable". So the 'great' initiative will not actually prevent the production or use of a single carrier bag, as I don't believe anyone has actually designed one that isn't 're-usable'. You open the bag, put things in it, take them home and then take the things out of it and hey presto - the bag can now be re-used.
Why don't the idiots on BBC News add the words "not re-usable - whatever the fuck that means" to their reports instead of regurgitating the crap they are fed by this pointless administration.
Fuckers all.

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