Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nice but Dim

I'm sure all the people who paid money to this Christmas Hamper outfit which recently went bust are lovely people. However, what they certainly aren't is bright. Let's see which of the following strategies is more likely to bring Christmas cheer...

1. Put aside some money every week in a savings account with a regulated bank or building society (and earn a little interest bonus on said savings), or even under the fucking mattress. Withdraw your money a week before Christmas and make your purchases.

2. Give some money every week to a bunch of strangers, who can do what they like with your money and who are not regulated the way a bank is. Wait and see whether they still have any of your money left when you want it back.

And these people expect someone, anyone, (me perhaps with the taxed portion of my hard-earned money?), to reward them for their stupidity.

Fuck Off!

And another thing...

HBOS have been criticised for ensuring that they got their money first. As opposed to what exactly? The directors of the bank have a responsibility to their shareholders to safeguard the Bank's lending and were presumably acting in the shareholders' interests. Any other course of action (such as considering the customers of an outfit that was heavily in debt to the bank before the Bank's own shareholders) would possibly lay them open to prosecution. Banks are businesses too, not bloody charities. It makes me sick.

Rant over


Shotgun said...


Don't go over to the Devils Kitchen with this might get mugged...ROFLMFAO!!!

Brett said...

Was there.. and yes bruised but not beaten :)

Shotgun said...

Hopefully I got the last word...but I doubt in the face of these bleeding heart fundamentalists.