Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Slurpy's first

On a lighter note, my girlfriend Lucinda (otherwise known as Slurpy) caught her first trout on Sunday.

Casting upstream to a brown trout on the gin-clear waters of the River Test at Broadlands, she managed to take up just enough slack on the line as the fly drifted over the fish and he turned to follow it downstream.. After what seemed like an age he opened his mouth and sucked in the fly. Even then she didn't panic, but let him turn to return to his lie before lifting the rod firmly to set the hook.. The fish was beautifully played - just enough tension on the line to keep it from taking her into the weed and giving the fish the occasional gulp of air on the surface before yours truly slid the net under him and put him on the bank.

How perfect is that for your first fish?!


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Jackart said...

That's a good size brownie. Might go off to pitsford this weekend and have a cast myself! You've inspired me!