Thursday, October 26, 2006

Queen CaNUTe

Our Bovine Foreign Secretary has given a speech in Berlin which has me banging my head against the desk. I'll give it a proper response soon but can't resist sharing these gems with you as a taster.

Margaret has decided that the climate must stop changing. As people are fond of saying "'s really happening you know.." Of course it bloody is - It always has been!

I quote (my emphasis)...

"I call it achieving climate security – a new strategic international priority for the United Kingdom"

and hilariously..

"Our obligation to our citizens is to put in place the conditions for security and prosperity in a crowded and interdependent world. An unstable climate will make it much harder for us to deliver on that obligation."

Oh God Beckett - you stupid stupid cow. Do you seriously believe that climate has ever been stable? It's what climate does you know - it fucking changes!

Then there's a huge amount of guff about climate change being responsible for all the ills of the world and if only we can put £10 on a ticket to Benidorm, the weather will stop being so beastly and changeable and all the nations of the earth will suddenly stop killing each other. In fact she says..

"In short, a failing climate means more failed states. And that has implications for everything we want to achieve from conflict prevention and resolution to counter-terrorism."

Really - a FAILING climate - Ha Ha Ha... Bit like a FAILING school I suppose, or maybe a FAILING Government? I want to say it's pitiful that the representative of Her Majesty's Government is really saying things like this but of course it's actually terrifying to think that the audience are probably all nodding sagely in agreement instead of smothering howls of laughter into their handkerchiefs as they should be.

More soon...

PS Yes Yes I know that Canute was demonstrating that he WASN'T capable of holding back the tides. Just could resist the CNUT joke. All right?

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Shotgun said...

Beckett isn't clever enough to make shite like this up...which is why Bliar put her in he job of FS in the first place and kept the remit to himself of course...

I've met her, and she is every biot as dim as she seems, and certainly much fucking uglier...