Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Turkish Delight

Can anyone enlighten me? I have a vague feeling that I heard the Foreign Secretary blathering on about why we should paper over the cracks (Cyprus illegally occupied and territory stolen for Turkey - which no country recognises), and welcome Johhny Turk into the EU. In particular there was a moment when she had to correct herself after saying Turkey was an energy supplier to an energy corridor. See here and below.. This is of course the real reason why we are being persuaded that Turkey is somehow European and not Middle Eastern.
She also said that Turkey had huge economic potential. Of course it does. Any third world country about to get their hands on our contributions to the Euro-trough have that.
Do they think we're fucking stupid? (Rhetorical)

By the way (thanks Wiki contributors)..
The Cyprus government filed applications to the European Commission on Human Rights on September 17, 1974 and on March 21, 1975. The Commission issued its report on the charges made in the two applications on July 10, 1976. In it the Commission found Turkey guilty of violating the following articles of the European Convention on Human Rights:
1.. Article 2 - by the killing of innocent civilians committed on a substantial scale;
2.. Article 3 - by the rape of women of all ages from 12 to 71;
3.. Article 3 - by inhuman treatment of prisoners and persons detained;
4.. Article 5 - by deprivation of liberty with regard to detainees and missing persons - a continuing violation;
5.. Article 8 - by displacement of persons creating more than 180,000 Greek Cypriot refugees,and be refusing to allow the refugees to return to their homes.

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