Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Children living in poverty"

What the fuck does that mean? (and WHY doesn't anyone in the media ask?)
Presumably no one is suggesting that there are children living alone in poverty, or that there are poor children living with parents who are not poor?
So what we are talking about is poor families.
And poverty is defined as having an income of less than 60% of the average wage.
So if the average wage goes up so does the number of people defined as poor.
And if they have more children there will be more children in poor families (see above).
And the answer is - spend more money propping up poor people who want to have more children. The message is 'have as many children as you like - the productive tax-paying members of society are only too delighted to pick up any extra costs you might incur.'
I don't fucking think so.


Neal Asher said...

It's RELATIVE poverty, which means some children can't afford ipods and designer trainers.

Anonymous said...

Well at least not until Mum cashes this fortnight's giro...

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Pathetic. I was in Africa in February. There I saw real poverty.